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Lubricated Lotion Absorbent Pad

• Lubricated lotion pad effectively protects the user from skin irritation friction damage, abrasion, or other kinds of skin breakdown
• Lubrication green zone contains FDA approved ingredients for skin protection enhanced with antioxidants and botanicals
• 4-in-1 feature products promote improved skin integrity
• Full body pads provide full body protection
• DermaPlus lotion provides barrier protection onto the skin surface that protects and prevents wounds, sores, and stage I and II pressure sores from developing significantly aids in reducing associated wound care costs
• DermaPlus is specially formulated to provide a safe anti-irritant hydrophilic barrier between the surface layer and a user's skin. This assists in inhibiting the developing perineal dermatitis due to prolonged exposure to moisture
• DermaPlus pads use a special high-performing ASaC super absorbent
compound providing ultimate absorbency performance to maintain dry skin

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