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Super Dry Airflow Underpad
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  • Liquidlock technology provides excellent absorbency and keeps liquid strictly locked in keeping skin dry and assisting in maintaining skin pH levels even after being soiled

  • Use of airflow technology to create a highly breathable film with fully waterproof capability helps reduce heat, perspiration, and susceptibility to irritants and microbial growth

  • Super soft and strong non-woven laminated back sheet making it capable to be used for repositioning

  • Liquidlock and airflow prevent skin from excessive moisture and heat and assist in preventing the development of stage I and II pressure sores

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Super Dry Airflow Underpad
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• Multilayer laminate fabric lining provides super strength and prevents ripping or tearing when repositioning of weights up to 350lbs/160kg!
• Full body pads provide full body protection
• Suitable for medical administrators to position and re-position patients laid above
• Over 10 times as absorbent as regular heavy (plus) underpads
• Ultra soft allergen free top sheet ensures healthy skin
• An all in one system with the highest absorbency capabilities, airflow technology for healthy skin environment and super strength for positioning, reduces the need for multiple pads

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