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Suregrip Non Slip Surgical Drapes

SureGrip film is a unique non toxic, and demagogically formulated safe, non slip film that provides secure positioning for various product applications on a large variety of surfaces.

We are able to cater the films weight or thickness to obtain different strength properties for various applications.

Our technology allows us to adjust the amount of polymer and SureGrip formulation to obtain varying levels of film grip.

Non slip positioning on almost all surfaces:


- Cloth bed sheets

- Tile and concrete flooring

- Vinyl surfaces such as wheel chairs

- Metal surfaces such as surgical tables

- Carpet surfaces

- Surgical tool trays

Film usage can include, but is not limited to the following:


- Surgical drapes

- Surgical floor mats

- Underpads

Suregrip Non Slip Underpads

Product Sell Sheet

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