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Plus Adult Protective Underwear
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  • Secure comfort protection at a great value

  • Soft and snug fit design for discreet care and protection

  • Breathable airflow material to keep skin fresh and healthy

  • Pull on and off comfortably like regular underwear for everyone use

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Ultra Adult Protective Underwear
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Ultra Underwear Product Features_4x-8.png
  • Additional super absorbent polymer for extra absorbency

  • Soft cloth breathable airflow material for quiet wear and comfort

  • Side leakage guard locks fluid in the core and prevents leakage from lying down

  • Color coding indicating size of the product

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Premium Adult Protective Underwear
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Premium Underwear Product Features_4x-8.png
Premium Underwear_4x-8.png
Premium Underwear Table_4x-8.png

• Our best featured protective pull up
• Super absorbent core for higher absorbency and liquid acquisition rates
• Side leakage guards make it suitable for lay-down wear all through the night
• Body contour waistband provides ultimate comfort and contour fit
• Special ASaC compound provides ultimate absorbency and odor control
• Super soft seamless airflow material for the best comfort and fit

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