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Absorbent Pad
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FMAbsorb Surgical Floor Mat
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• 2.1 Gallons double-sided absorbent mat with absorbing ability
up to 8 liters of water and over 3.5 liters of saline solution
• As the contaminated fluid is locked inside the pad with no leakage cross-contamination is greatly reduced
• Used under an operating table placed in front of the surgical team's feet, or positioned strategically in
zones where anticipated fluid flow is expected

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FmAbsorb Logo_4x-8.png
Operation Table Pad
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FmAbsorb Pad Features_4x-8.png
FMAbsorb Surgical Operation Pad

• An all in one product that eliminates the need for
multiple underpads, saves time for clean up, improves efficiencies, working and patient environment conditions during operations
• Airflow Technology allows only body heat vapor to
escape, while keeping product fully waterproof
• Designed to obtain maximum strength for repositioning and positioning purposes
• An exclusive formulated absorbent obtains maximum
overall absorbency, acquisition and rewet performance

FMAbsorb Pad Table_4x-8.png
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