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PRS Active Absorbent Core

Galaxy's PRS core is a  poly reinforced absorbent impregnated core, which has unsurpassed strength, even after being voided with liquid. Our PRS core is ideal for active wear absorbent products, where the core will not breakdown or disintegrate like fiber based absorbent cores. It will resist breakdown even with pressures exceeding 0.7 psi.

Galaxy's PRS core can be used solely as a high performing core on its own, or combined to a make a composite absorbent core to obtain optimal desired core specifications.

PRS Absorbent Core Rewet Test
PRS Absorbent Core with Fluid
PRS Absorbent Core
PRS Absorbent Core Rewet Test

The PRS Core has unparrelleled rate of acquisition and fluid retention per sq cm.

PRS Core has a super thin profile.

There is little to no rewet shown.

We test the rewet value with fast absorbing filter paper with a pressure of 0.7psi.

Product Sell Sheet

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