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GHC Group, an international holding corporation that has years of history in the innovation and manufacturing development of finished consumable medical products, high-performance semi-finished absorbent products, and specialized polyurethane auto parts.


GHC Group consists of its four-member companies, G&G Medical Products, Galaxy Industries, Yulwon, and Yaya Polytech.


G&G Medical Products has evolved to be a leader in incontinence, medical hygiene, baby hygiene care products. G&G is trusted by both healthcare professionals and multinational corporations all around the globe. G&G offers a full range of products for incontinence management and hygiene that are suitable both in the medical institutional, retail, and personal environment.


Galaxy Industries develops highly technical absorbent core products and medical films, used primarily for the medical and food packaging products market. Galaxy's innovative cores and films are used in a variety of products, ranging from incontinence, wound care, filtration, and food packaging. 

Yulwon innovates and produces a variety of disposable protective masks, ranging for personal, medical, and industrial use. Yulwons mask range includes dental, surgical masks to high-end respiratory masks with the highest filtration protection in the market. 

Yaya Polytech specializes in polyurethane auto parts, it produces a wide range of auto parts with its major specialization in quarter glass and sunroof polyurethane sealing. 



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