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Galaxy Industries Product Overview

Galaxy Industries is a specialty absorbent core developer and producer. At Galaxy we produce advance high performing technological absorbent cores that are used with several industrial applications, from feminie hygiene, medical incontinence, medical wound care and baby care. 

Galaxy's high performance absorbent cores provide manufacturers a large variety of design possibilities some of the major benefits of our cores are:


- Unparrallel material efficiencies

- Ultra thin profile

- Superior absorbency properties

- Outstanding covertibility

- Ultra soft 

- Excellent core tensile strengths

- Odor contol properties

- Efficient shipping logisitics


Galaxy emphasizes on a strategic partnerships with its clients around the globe. Understanding the ever changing market place, focus on quality and R&D have made Galaxy a highly dependable supplier of the highest performing fluid control products globally.


Innovations and product development such as our Liquidlock and PRS core play an important role in our lead strategy. Galaxy is driven by market needs and demands, where we continuously strive to provide new innovative product solutions that have higher value added features, setting us apart from our competitors.

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