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Booster Pads
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• Regular booster pads are the best choice for lighter incontinence needs or used as a precaution measure
• Ultra booster pads are suitable for heavier incontinence needs
• Breathable material to keep skin fresh
• Ideal use with fixation pants
• Ultra-thin absorbent core provides discreet comfort and rapidly wicks moisture away from the surface keeping skin dry

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Shaped Insert Pads
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Shaped Insert Pad_4x-8.png
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• Strong absorbent core to safeguard against leakage
• Soft and protective materials to safeguard
sensitive skin from skin irritation and breakdown
• Excellent choice for lay down and overnight use
• Well-shaped for body snug and comfort fit
• Best choice for security-conscious than light shaped insert pad
• Ultimate care for users in the insert pad series
• Breathable and air-permeable back sheet draws moisture away and largely reduces risks of skin breakdown

Shaped INsert Pad Table_4x-8.png
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